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Our Shows : Seussical

The PumpHouse
1 October 2005 - 15 October 2005


Director - Grant Meese
Musical Director - Andrew Christie
Choreographer - Val Hemphill


Cat In The Hat - AJ Hay
JoJo - Tal Brink
Horton The Elephant - Mark Emmett
Gertrude McFuzz - Alice Craft
Mayzie La Bird - Vauneen Stevens
Sour Kangaroo - Emma Leon
General Genghis Kahn Schmitz - Tom Coup
The Mayor of Whoville - John Ferguson
Mrs Mayor - Lynn Webster
The Bird Girls - Elizabeth Bellchambers, Tamasyn Clare, Amber McAlpine
The Wickersham Brothers - Noel Ledgerwood, Ryan Bennett, James Brookbanks
Yertle The Turtle - Noel Ledgerwood
The Grinch - Garrick Payne

Nicky Cambie, Andrew Comrie, Amy Cowan, Kylie Dakers, Peter Farrelly, Horst Feldhaeuser, Judi Geenty, Mariano Goldman, Simon Gough, Janelle Jeffery, Sonya Mills, Lucy Patston, Garrick Payne, Reece Preston, Kathryn Roach, Will Tripe


Director - Grant Meese
Musical Director - Andrew Christie
Choreographer - Val Hemphill
Vocal Coach - Bev Brockelbank
Production Manager - Tracey Andrews
Production Assistant - Helen Gough
Production Secretary - Jean Johns
Stage Manager - Cathy Betty
Assistant Stage Manager - Helen Gough
Stage Crew - Mark Betty, Gavin Greenwood, Darren Ludlam, Mike McConnell
Puppeteer - Mark Betty
Set Designer - Gavin Murphy
Construction Manager - Mark Betty
Construction Team - John Antony, Cathy Betty, Ernie Cayley, Eric Charteris, Helen Gough, Gavin Greenwood, Zac Johns, Darren Ludlam Blair McKinnon, Des Ritchie, David Thesiger, Kim Murphy
Lighting Designer - Scott Thomas
Lighting Crew - Andrew Comrie, Shane O?Mahony, Brian Potter, Phil Searle
Followspot Operators - Tracey Andrews, Helen King
Sound Designer - Richard Braid
Sound Operator - Jacko Andrews
Sound Crew - Lizzie Carroll, Roy Hatton, Brendan Rossiter, Sonia Yoshioka-Carroll
Costume Manager/Designer - Daphne Abbott
Costumes - Sally Aikman, Jackie Braid, Chanli Brink, Elisabeth Carroll, Bev Carter, Saskia Charteris, Lyn Dorreen, Rosemary Ferguson, Lyn Forster, Fran Gouge, Jean Johns, Gayer Manning, Tricia McGrath, Grant Meese, Dorothy Muir, Marion Neller, Olga O?Conner, Chris Partridge, Valda Ritchie, Sally Russell, Mardi Simms, Alison Welson, Rosemary Wiggle
Dressers - Bev Brockelbank, Rachael Fromont, Fiona Mackie, Darren Wiseman, Rachael Wiseman
Hair and Make-up Designer - Daniel Wallace
Hair and Make-up Crew - Casey Kenny, Hannah Simons
Properties Designer - Paula Jepson
Properties Crew - Lyn Dorreen
Publicity - Sonia Yoshioka-Carroll, John Antony, Rachael Wiseman
Programme - James Calcinai
Photography - Rachael Wiseman
Front Of House - Don Carter
Bar Manager - Brice Abbott
Rehearsal Pianists - Colin Roderick,  Peter Orpin, Mark Emmett, Grant Meese, Simon Walter, Campbell Rose, Kelly Taylor
Librarian - Mark Hughes
T-Shirts - Delwyn Smith
Supper Coordinator - Kerry Priestley


Keyboard - Andrew Powdrell, Catherine Brook
Guitar - Richard Mahoney
Bass - Graham Trail
Drums/Percussion - Phillip Wiley
Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax, Clarinet - Leanne Thomas or Sarah Newbold and Louise Reed
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Bassoon - Bryan Robinson
Oboe - Vanessa Newton-Wade
Clarinet, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax - Gretchen Anderson or Scott McDowall
Trumpet - Hayden Patching
Trombone - Roy Wiley