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Since 1963, North Shore Music Theatre (then North Shore Operatic) has been about entertaining Auckland audiences with good quality local theatre, and providing a place for people to learn and practise the various aspects of theatre. That vision and objective continues strong today, the Society produces various scales of show from the "Clubroom show" (which are about exposing people to new areas of skill, in a low pressure setting - generally under the guidance of an experienced person). Our Regular shows, which are generally performed at North Shore`s own PumpHouse theatre, through to large scale shows (usually as part of a National consortium) at bigger venues with much bigger budgets.

50 years on, NSMT is respectfully recognised as one of Auckland`s leading amateur Musical Theatre Societies. We have a proud history and a very bright future.

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1 July 2015
NSMT Clubrooms
31 October 2015
The PumpHouse

New President, New Committee
Thanks to everyone that attended our AGM, as always a lively discussion was held on a number of topics.A number of new members and returning members are on the 2015 committee. Taking the reigns as President is Tracey Andrews, returning to the committee after a few years away raising her family. Tracey... (read more)

NSMT: LIVE + Open.
Due to the success of this night we will be holding these regularly, keep an eye on our website, facebook and newsletter for more info.
SMT is holding an `Open mic night`, on Sun May 4th from 7:30pm (After the 5pm performance of `The World Goes Round`)
(read more)

Away with the old and on with the new.
... (read more)

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Upcoming dates and events...

March 7th 2015 - NAPTA Awards Evening. Venue TBA.

March 14th 2015 - "Move It!" Auditions

June 25th - July 4th 2015 - "Move It!"

October 31st - November 14th 2015 - "The Addams Family"

(Committee meetings are 2nd Monday of the month)
NSMT Renta-Crowd
In 2014 we will be making group bookings to visit as many shows as possible, to support our neighbouring theatre societies. Keep an eye on this list and facebook to find out about which shows we are off to.
We will generally attend on a Wed / Thurs night to support shows on traditionally quieter nights.